“The conclusions of inspection will stop groundless accusations of the enterprise” – said the generaldirector of “Rudomain”

On September 20 an exceptional check from State Ecological Inspection started in “Rudomain” company and UMC (Ukrainian Maining Company). Before these events the companies were visited by the president of the State Ecological Inspection Andrey Malevanyi,  the head of the department of the state ecological supervision of industrial pollution Aleksandr Skalskyi, and vice-president of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on the questions of ecological policy and  environmental management Elena Krivoruchkina. 

Guests visited quarries, which are being developed by the companies, they saw firsthand the scopes of ore mining, the technics and they had an opportunity to make sure that companies actually do dust suppression events. There are irrigation automobiles being used, the webs, that covers the piles, and even the snow blower, that sprays water in the quarry.

“The basis of this check is the complain of the KryvyiRih resident, who complained about the ambient air quality. She considers, that when quarry works, the emissions are spreading exactly on her territory.” – explained the reason of the check the president of the State Ecological Inspection Andrey Malevanyi. “We are thankful to the company for admission to visit the territory. The company is ready to contribute to inspection and committed to cooperate, it is ready to show the documents, it is open. I’m sure, that within 10 days we will be able to see the clear and objective picture.”

The head of the department of the state ecological supervision of industrial pollution Aleksandr Skalskyi noticed: “We haven’t found out any clear signs(violations) during our visit, so this is exactly what are we going to look out for during this inspection.”

He assured that the presence of other companies nearby the quarries, which also can negatively impact on the environment, will be included. “We need to objectively figure out either it is production activities exactly from this company, or some other influential factors,” – commented Aleksandr Skalskyi.

The general director of the “Rudomain” company Vladimir Kolos thinks, that the revision will help to stop manipulations around the company. “I hope, that conclusions of the specialists of the State ecological inspection will finally stop the groundless accusations of the enterprise.”

The main engineer of the “Rudomain” company SerhiyGenkulenko, who accompanied the visitors, is concerned with company is actually being under the pressure of the informational attack. “If you pay attention to the informational field, then it becomes obvious that there are a lot of talks and lies about exactly our company causing irreversible damage to the ecology of our city.”

But he is appealed with the fact that guests expressed a wish to objectively figure out the current situation around the enterprise and its activity.

“We are open, so please come, look at how we continue the activity of quarries, which have worked since the 1950s, and the work in them hadn’t stopped for a single day.”

We are literally continuing the business of our fathers and grandfathers. We are the indigenous people, almost all of our workers, we live here and work here. And we care about ecology and the future of our children”, - commented Serhiy Genkulenko.