> Ecology – Rudomain


Starting from 2020, Rudomain LLC is involved in implementation of activities according to the “City Program for Solving Environmental Problems of Kryvbas Region and Improving the Environment for 2016-2025”.

Environmental activities of LLC Rudomain are aimed at:

Сompliance with all legal requirements in ecological field;

Minimizing the impact of harmful factors on the environment and human health, as well as the rational use of natural resources;

Performance of tasks and measures for the protection and improvement of the atmosphere.

In order to prevent dust formation during the spring-summer period, we conduct irrigation of technological roads of the pit “Yuzhny”, the industrial site of the concentration plant of hematite quartzites and the housing area motorway within the sanitary zone.

Also, with the help of special equipment, mechanical cleaning of local roads in the Saksagan district of Kryvyi Rih is carried out.

During the year, company monitors the quality of atmospheric air at the sanitary zone of the pit in accordance with the agreed contracts. According to the results of such control, the exceedances of the maximum allowable concentration level have not been recorded .

Waste management at Rudomain LLC is carried out in accordance with the current legislative regulatory framework, in particular according to the Laws of Ukraine “On Waste”, “On Environmental Protection” and other regulatory documents.

The transfer of production waste is carried out according to the concluded agreements with the specialized enterprises that have the right to manage utilize waste.