> “Rudomain”: The state ecology inspenction hasn’t fixed any significant violations in the work of the company. – Rudomain

“Rudomain”: The state ecology inspenction hasn’t fixed any significant violations in the work of the company.

The specialists of the State ecology inspection during the check of “Rudomain” company fixed minor violations, which don’t have serious impact on the environment and will be eliminated in the near future. Company thinks it is necessary to give explanation of these facts.

The State ecology inspection fixed: Failure to comply with the conditions of the EIA conclusion with the regard of blasting operations at a minimum speed.

Rudomain: This is about consideration of the wind rose during explosions. It has nothing to do with seismic and sound impact or the power of the blast. But company implements necessary measurements during explosions. In no way this issue is not a damage assessment, which can be caused by the blasts.

The State ecology inspection fixed: Inconsistency in sanitary-epidemiological service conclusions about justification of the sanitary protection zone size for the station #2 to the “South” quarry due to factual condition of the company on productivity indicators of the quarry. Failure to provide rigorous disclosure considering all kinds of pollutant emissions, including dust, during massive explosions, in the process of preparing the report on the EIA. The materials of inventory of pollute emissions and the permission for the air emissions do not meet the factual condition.

Rudomain: The listed facts, which The State ecology inspection paid their attention to, address to discrepancies, that arose when applying criteria of the operating quarry to the station, where there is no active ore mining yet.

The State ecology inspection fixed: The failure to implement measures to decrease pollutant emissions, including those ones which were provided for by city ecology program.

Rudomain: This is about recommendation to use special binders on technological roads of the quarry. The company has already ordered scientific work, in which the effective dust-suppression methods on the automobile roads of the quarry will be provided.

The State ecology inspection fixed: Failure to provide the documents of the object in order to be entered in the state accounting, which causes or may cause harmful effects on human health and air-quality.

Rudomain: This violation arose because of bureaucratic requirements while regular submission of statistical data about the activity of the company. Let’s highlight that this comment doesn’t concern productive activities.

The State ecology inspection fixed: Failure to provide reliable information while preparing the report about EIA in the part of using rate, that take into account the moisture of the material.

Rudomain: EIA shows average amount of the moisture rate. But moisture is constantly changing, and this is confirmed by the certificates of accredited laboratory. That’s why sometimes there are differences between actual figures and those, that are mentioned in EIA. After presentation of requirements about elimination of identified violations by the State ecology inspection, the “Rudomain” company will surely complete it. “Rudomain” pays attention to the fact that on those stations, where ore mining happens, violations have not been identified” – commented the general director of the company Vladimir Kolos.