Rudomain and State University of Economics and Technology (SUET) made a deal about cooperation and partnership

The company “Rudomain” and KryvyiRih State University of Economics and Technology signed memorandumabout cooperation and partnership relations.

“Rudomain” and SUET agreed on consolidation of integrating informative and vocational-guidance events in the educational sphere, to contribute to organization of sport massive and cultural entertainment activity, to create educational, teaching and methodical conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops etc., to give organizational support in realization of ecological, scientific, innovational, social and other projects and programs.

The director of the “Rudomain” company Vladimir Kolos highlighted, that the company is interested in the preparation of talent tool: “Today we’re feeling the lack ofyoung professionals. There are not so many young specialists to work here and around the region. I guess, that this cooperation will be a good foundation to develop new young specialists in our industry.”

“SUET has a powerful analysis in mining and metallurgical industry. We can transform this experience into the capital to firms, that’s why we have similar perspectives, and, what’s the most important, that we see new horizons, because the effect of synergy is exactly possible when the partners are meeting and are putting efforts to achieve common goals”, – commented acting rector of State University of Economics and Technology Andriy Shaykan.