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“Rudomain” has become a partner of “Mudriy Tesla” children’s project

“Rudomain” doesn’t turn the way in its good deeds, which confirm the status of one of the leading socially oriented companies of the city. Now, the company has taken under its patronage the project for children “Mudriy Tesla”, which is implemented be the public organization “Kryvyі Rih – per family” for three years. It’s aimed at helping boys aged seven to twelve, who grow up without a father, and it provides an opportunity to learn how to shut down and stand up, under the supervision of experienced specialists.

“We’re very grateful to “Rudomain” company, which is engaged and supports this initiative! Thanks to it, we can introduce systematic programs of education for children. And this will certainly give a good result in the future, because they have a powerful moral and ethical components for the upbringing of real men”,-said Sergey Burlaka, co-founder of the public organization “Kryvyі Rih – per family”.
Here, boys learn hands-on work experience and develop their skills to do. They also have an opportunity to communicate with their peers and learn how to work as a team.

In addition to studying the case of teslary, in the process of communication with adult male-masters in adolescents formed patterns of male behavior. And it’s very important during the hard times, that have occurred on our country and all of its citizens.

It should be noted, that with the onset of a large-scale war, the project has slightly changed its format. Now they started to invite all the children.

The education of children is now organized in the premises of the Point of Invincibility, which is located on the base of the company’s office at avenue Poshtovy, 1. One more group study every Saturdays at 2 p.m. on P. Glazovogo Street, 15B.