Rudomain allocated more than half a million hryvnia for the treatment of sarcoma

   Danil Tatarintsev of Kryvyi Rih got into difficult life circumstances when he heard a disappointing diagnosis - sarcoma. From that day on, Danil's life was divided into "before" and "after".

   Daniil is 21 years old, a master's student at the DUEP, but, unfortunately, a terrible illness left him without an arm. The sarcoma continues to progress. An urgent operation is required, followed by expensive treatment in Germany.

   Relatives, friends, acquaintances and caring people actively help a very young and just starting his life guy. The company "Rudomine" LLC did not stand aside and also took part in fundraising, allocating UAH 680,000.

   We wish Danil a speedy recovery, successful graduation from the master's degree and simple, but very necessary for every person, happiness!