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New technical equipment for better work

The support of the technological process is one of the most important tasks in our company. That is why the company RUDOMAIN always has modern high-quality equipment that is used in the ore mining process.

So, the following equipment was purchased to implement a high-quality production process in 2018-19.

Crawler excavator TEREX RH 40-E

The digging depth of the excavator is 2.2 meters, the digging radius exceeds 10 meters, and the volume of the bucket itself is 7 cubic meters. The excavator is equipped with a six-cylinder turbodiesel with a volume of 19,000 cubic centimeters. The machine power is 477 horsepower. All of the above characteristics indicate the high productivity of the purchased equipment.

Two crawler excavators LIEBHERR

LIEBHERR excavators is the industrial equipment which quality has been tested by the best enterprises in the world during many years of work. We have also chosen the LIEBHERR brand, because the RUDOMAIN management appreciates the quality and takes all steps to achieve the best results.

11 HOWO mining dump trucks 

Mining dump trucks HOWO have proven to be excellent equipment for daily use. Dump trucks cope well with heavy loads, work out their working hours without unnecessary problems. Our HOWO mining dump trucks are equipped with a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, have 371 horsepower and can reach the speed of up to 85 kilometers per hour. HOWO mining dump trucks are considered one of the best in the world.

11 БелАЗ-7555 mining dump trucks 

The carrying capacity of БелАЗ-7555 is 55 tons. This equipment is intended for transportation of open-cast mine cargo in any climatic conditions. The model of our BelAZ-7555 dump truck has an incredible 730 horsepower. БелАЗ dump trucks are not inferior in terms of reliability to the best brands, and are rightfully included in the list of the best industrial equipment in the world.