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Высокое качество с EDX6000B

The high quality of the products we produce is the main priority of Rudomain's activity. Until recently, quality control of the produced products has been carried out in a separate laboratory. It was not always possible to quickly track the percentage of iron grade (Fe) in the ore at each stage of its mining and processing.

This problem was solved by the newly organized technical control department and its own laboratory.The equipment we have purchased includes a set of instruments consisting of two crushers of different class, a laboratory chipper, a laboratory gigger, a drying cabinet and an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

 This gave the possibility to closely monitor the change in percentage of iron (Fe) in the ore at each

stage of production, starting from the moment of ore excavation in excavator and ending with the

shipment of commodity products already in the railroad wagons.

 Our purchased high-precision X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDX6000B is capable of producing spectral analysis of ore of various types, revealing the presence of a useful component of iron (Fe) in the rock. It is the only one of its kind available at mining and processing plants in Kryvyi Rih.

 In addition, the new laboratory allows us to instantly respond to changes in the production situation, helps to optimize production and to improve the technological process.

As a result, there is a good guarantee that the products manufactured by Rudomain LLC are in full compliance with the stated indexes and can be used for the further production.